A vegan cafe near Llanidloes said it received "threats of violence and arson" after TV farmer Gareth Wyn Jones questioned whether milk was used in its products.

Caffi Clywedog, which overlooks the Clywedog Dam, has appealed for kindness after they received a "torrent of negativity online" for their plant-based menu.

North Wales hill farmer Gareth Wyn Jones shared with his 72,000 Facebook followers  two photos of the cafe's sign and menu, with a caption which said: "Is this Caffi just using plant based fluids and not using natural local milk? Am I wrong? Can anyone help?"

It resulted in a debate about plant-based and cows milk with people defending the cafe as "well placed to serve that part of the community", while others criticised the business as "very disappointing in the middle of Mid Wales amongst a strong farming, rural community".

In a statement, the cafe said: "We would firstly like to thank the public who have supported us and sent kind messages, after we received a torrent of negativity which included online threats for offering a plant-based menu.

"In a time where small hospitality has had a hard enough time as it is, we were saddened to receive a surge of unexpected, online abuse.


"Although we respect that people can all have different views, what we cannot accept are threats of violence and arson to our premises, and messages of hatred that have been sent to Caffi Clywedog, which has promoting well-being within our community at the heart of everything we do.

"We are committed to our work at Clywedog to promote positive well-being, and will continue to serve members of the public, as well as helping the vulnerable in our community.

The cafe owners said they were proud to support "social prescribing creativity classes which are a lifeline for those around us. This includes ex-servicemen and women who suffer from severe PTSD, elderly who are suffering from loneliness, and those with mental health issues.

"It is our choice to provide fresh, plant-based refreshments to those who want them, without forcing our personal ethics onto people, we trust our potential customers are intelligent, and capable of making their own decisions.

"When times are tough as they are, we will promote being kind to one another, no matter our ideologies and values."