PLAID Cymru will launch its campaign manifesto later today amid promises of "the most radically ambitious" programme in any Welsh election "since 1945".

Party leader Adam Price will set out policies on a 'green deal' for Wales, as well as an extension of the free school meals programme and cuts to average council tax bills.

Plaid will also make it a manifesto pledge to hold a referendum on Welsh independence, should the party win power in May.

Mr Price is set to say independence is "the only sure and sustainable means to achieving social and economic progress".


In a swipe at the Conservative government in Westminster, he is also expected to criticise the proposed one per cent pay rise for nurses, as well as funding for railways and increased spending on Britain's arsenal of nuclear weapons.

He will call Wales and Westminster "two different universes" and call on voters to "take their own future into their own hands".

Manifesto promises will include a Plaid government creating up to 60,000 new jobs, making a work guarantee for 16-24 year olds, offering interest-free loans for small businesses, and hiring 4,500 new teachers.

And Mr Price will say the array of pledges are "practical, deliverable and full-costed policies".

Economists Brian Morgan and Gerald Holtham, of Cardiff Metropolitan University, were called in to independently "test the viability" of the promises, concluding the party's "budget plans seem to us to be consistent and tenable".

Mr Price will say: "The time to defer that great Welsh dream of social justice and economic progress for all is over. It’s time to turn it brick by brick into the new home of a new nation that we ourselves will build.”