Good evening and welcome to today's daily debrief, bringing you a round-up of the latest developments ahead of the Senedd elections.

Tories won't expand Senedd, Davies vows

The leader of the Welsh Conservatives has "made it clear" his party would not increase the number of Senedd members (MS).

Taking aim at Welsh Labour and Plaid Cymru, Andrew RT Davies today said he was calling on all parties to be "up front and honest" regarding their intentions on expanding the Welsh Parliament's ranks.

The Senedd currently comprises 60 members – 40 of whom represent constituencies and are elected using the first-past-the-post system, while the other 20 represent regions and are chosen using a form of proportional representation.

Mr Davies argued money hypothetically spent on more Senedd members would be better used to invest in public-sector workers in health or education.

Plaid said the comments exposed the Tory leader's "devo-scepticism".

"Not content with cutting the number of Welsh MPs and clawing back our powers, [Mr Davies] now wants to silence the voice of the people of Wales," a Plaid spokesman said, before adding that the party would demand "more powers to a larger Senedd," introduce a "fairer" voting system and hold a referendum on Welsh independence.

Greens appeal to Labour supporters for regional votes

A leading Green Party candidate has called on traditional Labour voters to use their regional list ballots for "keeping out the far-right".

Caroline Womack, who is standing for the Greens in both the Newport West constituency and the South Wales East region, said it wasn't possible for Mark Drakeford's party to win a regional seat "in almost all of Wales" and urged Welsh Labour voters to opt for her party on the regional ballot.

"We know that Greens can be elected – and must be, otherwise there’s a risk that far-right parties will be elected instead, whose only goals seem to be to disrupt Welsh democracy," Ms Womack said.

Her comments came as Wales Green Party leader Anthony Slaughter headed today's manifesto launch with a pledge to build "a more secure and equal future" for the nation.

Among the Greens' election commitments are plans to build 12,000 "truly affordable" new homes and a push for Universal Basic Income.

Labour pushes social care message in marginal North Wales seat

Angela Rayner visited the Vale of Clwyd this morning to meet front-line workers and promote Welsh Labour's plans for a 'real living wage' for carers.

The deputy leader of the UK Labour Party was herself a care worker before becoming a Member of Parliament, and said fair pay for carers was a "personal" issue.

"I worked side by side with care workers who would do anything for the people they looked after, and who didn’t get the pay or recognition that they deserved," she said before meeting front-line care workers to hear about their experiences during the pandemic.

Ms Rayner was joined by Wales' health and care minister Vaughan Gething, UK shadow health secretary Jonathan Ashworth, and Welsh Labour's candidate for the Vale of Clwyd seat, Jason McLellan.

Labour has won the seat in every Senedd election but the Welsh Conservatives were just 768 votes behind in 2016. Ann Jones, the incumbent MS, will not be running for re-election in May.