Plaid Cymru leader Adam Price has called on BBC Wales to remove the Abolish Party from its Leaders' Debate, following a social media post about Leanne Wood posted by an Abolish Party coordinator on Twitter.

In an open letter addressed to the leaders of other parties, Mr Price said he was "unsurprised but nonetheless appalled to see the Abolish the Welsh Assembly coordinator launch personal attacks on social media."

Mr Price goes on to ask the other parties to support him in calling on the BBC to uninvite Abolish "so not to toxify the public discourse in Wales".

The tweet in question was posted by Lee Canning, a coordinator for Abolish.

It included an image of Leanne Wood with the text "The Ugly Face of Nationalism".

Mr Canning was previously the deputy chairman of the Welsh Conservatives, before he quit the party and joined Abolish in 2019. The social media post in question has since been deleted.


Responding to Adam Price's calls, a spokesperson for the Abolish Party said: “We can confirm that Lee has removed the tweet and we agree that the image against the headline was inappropriate.

“Although Lee advises he was attacking Leanne's views and those of her party and used a normal picture of her, we accept that this could be interpreted differently.

“Senior members of our party have received far worse from nationalist supporters, however, we notice that the mainstream media is not interested in that.

“Who is Adam Price to determine who should and shouldn’t be in the debates? In a healthy democracy, it is important for people’s voices to be heard on a public platform.

“This is an example of the dystopian future we have in store if Labour and Plaid get their way.”

Last week, two Abolish MSs – Mark Reckless and Gareth Bennett – voted against the Senedd’s new code of conduct.

The code, which takes effect at the start of the next Senedd term, states members must "always respect the dignity of other persons and must not engage in discriminatory or unwanted behaviour".