The National launched on March 1 with a goal to hold political parties in Wales to account and to provide a news service for all of Wales, providing quality reporting about Wales that is written from a Welsh perspective.

I hope you feel we have made a positive start on that mission.

In just this short time we have published detailed analysis of the impact of devolution on the handling of the pandemic, charted the rise in support for independence, reported on allegations of transphobia within Plaid Cymru, and looked in depth at issues from railways to school curriculum reform and much more.

Our launch print edition was incredibly well received. It was a joy to see pictures of many of you sitting down with your copy of the paper posted on your social media accounts.

Now we’re asking for your support to help us do more.

Our journalism is funded by our digital subscribers. At time of writing, 430 of you had signed up to become subscribers, many taking out an annual subscription. Thank you. Your support makes what we do possible.

Today we are launching a drive to reach 1,000 subscribers. When we reach that figure, we will appoint a dedicated political correspondent who will lead our coverage, not just of the crucial Senedd elections but also in holding the new government to account.

The National Wales: Mandy Jones, of Buckley, reads her copy of The National with Freddy and Stanley. Picture: Rick MatthewsMandy Jones, of Buckley, reads her copy of The National with Freddy and Stanley. Picture: Rick Matthews

As we approach those elections, my pledge to you is that our coverage will be informative and measured. We will provide a daily briefing on the campaign, analysis of the key issues and we will explain what things mean. We will avoid simply reporting bickering among the parties. We will cut through the noise.

I can also announce today that we will be publishing a second print edition on Friday, April 9, which will be part of that coverage. In addition to excellent sport, countryside and business features, this edition will focus on helping inform the decisions you will make at the ballot box on May 6.

I hope you will get out to the shops and buy that edition and keep hold of it as you approach polling day to help you make a big choice about Wales’ future.

However you vote and whatever form the next government takes, with your support, The National will be there to ask difficult questions, provide analysis and explain what it means to you.

Please help us to do that by clicking here subscribe.