The second trailer for the new independent film, The Welshman, is released today.

The film tells the story of the drowning of the Gwynedd village of Capel Celyn in the 1960s.

The Welshman follows the journey of Owain Williams, a prominent figure in Welsh history. Director, Lindsay Walker hopes to use the film to show off Welsh landscapes and give Wales a film that represents the country differently to other movies.

“In the film industry, Wales is usually presented in a comic way. I want to offer Wales a film that shows our history and culture through serious truthful storytelling,” said Walker.

It tells the story of an impassioned young man who, frustrated by the impending building of a reservoir to serve the industry of Merseyside, finally decides to act when the construction threatens the loss of a small mountain community.

Here is the second trailer which has been released today:

Walker, born in Anglesey, was passionate about keeping the film local to Wales to remain truthful to the story. As an LBGT film maker, she understands the need to represent different groups and in this case that chimed with her her desire to improve Welsh representation in the film industry. She said she wanted to get a wider audience to see the Welsh perspective through a Welsh lens.

Walker has a very personal connection to the story. Williams is her fiancé father. Her fiancé told her about him and asked if she could film him just so she can get some of his storytelling on camera.

"I thought I should share this story with the whole of Wales and beyond," said Walker.

“I only learnt about the story four or five years ago, I found it alarming that I didn’t know about this story. As I am making and learning more about the story my passion for the story and my interest in Welsh history has grown even more.”

In just three days the first trailer for The Welshman had more than 24,000 views.

“I did not expect the response we have received online," said Walker. "It is nice for Owain as well. When I speak to him he always asks what number of views we are on today.

"The trailer has gained over 45,000 now. We did not expect it to do what it has done. We thought a few people would gravitate together it and get a small bit of interest. I didn’t think for one second it would go viral.”

“Lindsay has a sensitivity to all her subjects - human, the natural world, and the story she’s revealing - that translates beautifully in The Welshman for a satisfying journey. What a tale! I want more!”

- Georgia Gwynne Gruber, Writer | Producer The Courier

The production

Walker said it was important that the entire production was Wales/Welsh based. She wanted the film to offer Welsh people a serious film about their history and culture

The Welshman was created with a very small crew, all residing in Wales, all with a passion to tell this story the way they believe it deserves to be told.

The film has an original score, created by David Railton; David is originally from Liverpool, his mother Welsh, he has a strong connection to our history here in Wales. The landscape and drone photography comes from North Wales-based Famau Media and Callum Glass.

How can you watch The Welshman

The team is in talks with five companies on how best to distribute the film, and the support of the Welsh Community will only improve their chances of getting the film spread as far and wide as possible.

They believe that The Welshman should be viewed, not only by the Welsh, but also by those outside of Wales to help understand Welsh history on Welsh people’s terms. Lindsay thinks Welsh history has been suppressed for far too long and is taking a step in the right direction to change that.

There is no current set date for The Welshman's release.