Ask me what the future holds for Wales after the pandemic, and I’d say we can rebuild our country better than ever before - but that all depends on kicking out those who currently occupy the corridors of Welsh Government.

Another Senedd term of a weak, socialist Labour government propped up once again by the separatists and nationalists of Plaid Cymru could see Wales drifting away from its historically strong ties with the rest if the Union and ending nearly five centuries of co-operation, culture, trade, and shared lives and values.

But a Welsh Conservative government would see the benefits of devolution being brought to the fore for all in our country, not just a political elite encamped in their Cardiff Bay bubble with barely any comprehension of life, work, or business in the shires.

To Welsh Conservatives, and to the vast majority of people here and in our United Kingdom, Wales’ place is in the Union as a proud, productive, and equal – if not in terms of size or population, but certainly in our ability to punch above our weight – member of that union.


The Blair devo-revolution was meant to see off the nationalist threat, but in reality has only shifted the political narrative into a loop of debates around further powers, with little correlation emerging between the performance of devolved governments and the level of support for independence.

Independence might be popular among the Welsh chattering classes, but this doesn’t mean it’s inevitable nor popular with everyone else in the country as polling shows.

We – us in Wales and those in the other nations of the United Kingdom – must rise against the threats that separatism and nationalism pose.

These threats are to our institutions, our joint capability and strength, to our defence and our Armed Forces, our industrial and scientific power, to the system of justice we share, and to our place in the world.

Wales has the potential for a prosperous, dynamic, and bright future, and only the Welsh Conservatives will deliver this by harnessing the strengths of Great Britain and the United Kingdom.