The breakup of the United Kingdom is a real and present danger and a solution is urgently needed – not because the Union is an end in itself but because it should contribute to the welfare and well-being of people across the UK by pooling risk and redistributing financial resources to meet needs.

Welsh Labour is the only pro devolution party with the strength to stand up for Wales. Devolution is a Labour project and solidarity is our party’s credo.

Welsh Labour’s vision is of a modern UK where our collective genius and unique perspectives fuel the fight to beat poverty and combat climate change together.

A sustainable, modern UK is one where our prosperity and life chances are raised up by the practice of solidarity, not reduced by division and attempts to recreate a union where its component nations are expected to take orders from the centre.

Independence is a 19th Century response to a 21st Century problem - it is a slogan not a solution. It asks the people of Wales to start with a conclusion without the evidence, risking the welfare of those our party exists to support.

Wales’ future is best secured through a radical redrawing of the United Kingdom’s constitution to recognise that it is a voluntary association of four nations. An association where power is dispersed, not centralised, where as much as possible, decisions which affect people’s daily lives are made as close to the people as they can be taken, but where there are fiscal and financial mechanisms to pool resources and to share rewards.

Labour across the UK understands this too. Keir Starmer has shown his commitment to a constitutional convention to develop this new settlement, informed by the evidence we have developed including Reforming our Union: Shared Governance in the UK; the Thomas Commission and the recent Radical Federalism report.

We believe in the potential of the United Kingdom as a powerful engine of redistribution, putting a greater and fairer share of wealth and income into the hands of those who most need it - in whatever part of the United Kingdom that might be.

Mark Drakeford is first minister of Wales and leader of the Welsh Labour Party