The National is a national media service for all of Wales.

The Senedd

We endeavour to hold all political parties and those in power in Wales to account, to explain how our devolved government works and challenge the pros and cons of greater powers for the Senedd and open a frank discussion around independence. 

We are – above all else – for Wales, with content relevant wherever you live, from Amlwch to Chepstow, Pembroke to Prestatyn. And if you’re part of the Welsh diaspora the other side of Offa’s Dyke or one of the international Welsh family, we keep you in touch with what’s happening in Wales. 

Leading the news agenda

We aim to be at the forefront leading the news agenda in Wales, explaining in simple language how the Senedd works and what it can currently deliver and achieve. We will look at ways that Wales could do things differently and create a platform to discuss ideas for a better more prosperous Wales. 

We believe Wales deserves a strong and varied national and local media and will do our best to be part of and to support this. 

Our journey

Our journey is at an early stage but as part of Newsquest, we already have journalists we can call on across Wales. As we grow in supporters and subscribers, we will grow our team of dedicated journalists so that we can continue to improve the service we provide to you, our readers, and to Wales. 

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