A FILM crew have documented how a beach clean operation was inspired by one family.

The short documentary highlights the impact of litter on a popular beach at Llanelli.

It was filmed by Ka Long Tung and Adwitiya Pal, who form PinkHouse Productions, and it introduces Llanelli couple Mads Llyr and husband Daf Matthews-Williams.

Mads Llyr was surprised by the amount of rubbish she saw on the beach while walking with her daughter. “We started the clean really on a whim,” she said.  

The next day, the family went to pick litter just by themselves, which soon expanded into a community event. 

The move was initiated by her daughter Celyn, who is part of her school’s eco-council.  

“As we were finishing, my daughter said ‘Can we make this a regular thing?’”, Mads said. “We said ‘Absolutely. Let’s do it.’” 

The film speaks to others who took part in the beach clean, earlier in August, and also highlights the amount and range of waste found.

The event was backed by Surfers Against Sewage, one of the UK’s most active and successful environmental charities, who also provided first-aid kits and sanitisers. 

After picking the litter, the volunteers bagged it for recycling. But not all of it was recyclable. 

From the 28.2kg of waste, 15kg was non-recyclable. Other waste collected included 2.2kg of cans, 2.2kg of plastic, and 8.8kg of glass. 

Little shards of glass found during the beach clean at Llanelli.Mads' daughter Celyn had the idea for the beach clean.

Mads and Daf said that they plan to organise the beach clean every two weeks, and hope that people become aware of the consequences of their actions on the beach and the environment.  

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Keep Wales Tidy says marine litter is a growing threat to aquatic and coastal environment, with 80 per cent coming from land-based sources.

It and the Marine Conservation Society will hold litter picking events at beaches around the Welsh coast as part of its Marine Clean Cymru campaign to coincide with the Great British Beach Clean, the UK’s largest national beach cleaning and litter survey programme.

The aim is to gather vital data that will be used to identify the specific problems the seas and coasts are facing.


The event will run from Friday, September 16 to Sunday, October 2 and it is the first time the event will have been staged since the pandemic, with the last organised in October 2019.

Volunteers will target all waterways throughout Wales, including rivers, streams, canals, and estuaries and Keep Wales Tidy says collecting litter from streams to the coastline can make a difference and help tackle marine litter.  

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