TALACRE dunes have been left damaged after a fire caused by an unattended barbecue spread across 200sq metres of grass. 

North Wales Fire and Rescue Service tackled the blaze for almost three hours in Talacre on Friday evening. 

The area is a Site of Special Scientific Interest - being home to populations of incredibly rare sand lizard and natterjack toad. 

Video courtesy of @lLisa_Peggy via Twitter.

An RSPB Cymru spokesperson said: “Talacre is a nature hotspot that’s home to rare wildlife such as natterjack toads and sand lizards, as well as being important locations for nesting little terns and ringed plovers.

"We’re disappointed to hear that some sections of this area has been destroyed by a fire caused by an unattended BBQ. This neglectful and irresponsible behaviour has now damaged a fragile habitat.

“We urge everyone not to light fires, barbecues, stoves or even a cigarette on precious habitats such as Talacre, especially considering the dry spell we’re now experiencing.”