It wasn’t just the mercury that was rising in the record-breaking heat yesterday. 

While Wales recorded its highest ever temperature, Dŵr Cymru / Welsh Water saw demand for water from its customers soar – reaching the same levels seen at the peak of the 2018 heatwave. 

On a typical day, the company normally treats and supplies around 850 mega litres of fresh, clean water to its three million customers. Yesterday the company saw this level exceed 1,000 mega litres per day.

While water resources in the majority of Wales are in a good position, there is a slight concern about the situation in Pembrokeshire. While this shouldn’t have any immediate impact, should there be no significant rain between now and the end of August, some level of restriction may be required later in the summer.

Ian Christie, Managing Director of Water Services said: “I’m sure we’ve all been enjoying this warm weather and as a company we always see an increase in demand for water when the sun shines. 

"Peaks in demand normally only last a short period but with these unprecedented temperatures we’re seeing a sustained period of increase in demand. 

"It was no surprise that we saw the demand reach 1,000 mega litres per day yesterday."