A litter picking group in Wrexham has expressed anger at the amount of litter being left in some of the city’s beauty spots amid the warm weather.

The recent rise in temperatures has undoubtedly encouraged more people to get outdoors but unfortunately, that has led to an increase in the volume of litter being left behind.

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Many local beauty spots such as National Trust site, Erddig have been left trashed in recent days and members of the Wrexham Litter Pick group haven’t held back.

Shireen Hughes said: “This morning I took my dog down to Erddig for a one hour walk which turned into a two hour walk because I couldn’t bear to see and leave the mess left behind.

“Pizza boxes, napkins, bottles, plastic knives and forks, crisps, and sweets wrappers. I informed the National Trust workers. This mess is just the tip of the ice burg because once the schools and colleges finish, Erddig will be deluged with litter.”

The National Wales:

A National Trust Spokesperson said: “With the sun shining, the garden and parkland at Erddig can be a great place for people to get outdoors and closer to nature, but not at the expense of damaging landscapes and wildlife or risking lives.

"As well as spoiling beautiful landscapes litter, barbecues and campfires can act as fuel for wildfires and endanger wildlife which can become entangled or mistake it for food.

The National Wales:

“Our teams are working incredibly hard to look after the estate, but when debris is left, it takes our rangers and local teams away from vital conservation work. Therefore, help us to protect it for people and wildlife by visiting responsibly and taking your litter home.”

It’s not just Erddig which has fallen victim to littering as the weather improves as many other popular outdoor locations in Wrexham are also said to have been affected such as Stryt Country Park and Nant Mill Woods.

The National Wales:

Cllr Hugh Jones, Lead Member for the Environment, at Wrexham County Borough Council said: “It’s disappointing that a minority of individuals prefer to litter our environment and spoil the enjoyment of others.

"Please take all your litter home or use the bins provided.”