An incredible video taken off the Pembrokeshire coast has captured a thresher shark breaching in and out of the water yesterday evening (Monday, July 11).

A Bay To Remember, which provides Dolphin and Wildlife Watching Boat Trips, set sail from its Cardigan base and was near Pen-Yr-Afr when the thresher came into view.

A spokesperson from A Bay To Remember said: “This is only our third time seeing one in 16 years of running, and the first to be caught on camera.”

This comes only days after what is believed to be a basking shark was seen swimming by Tenby North beach.

Like the basking shark, threshers are safe and no danger to humans. There has only been one known attack from a thresher shark to a human, which was a provoked attack.

The species is known to be a migratory shark, which passes through UK waters in the summer months. Threshers are known to grow up to 6m and weigh up to 340kg.

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A spokesperson from The Wildlife Trusts said: “The thresher shark spends most of its time in the deep waters of the open sea, rarely straying into coastal areas.

“To survive in these colder waters, they have evolved to be endothermic.

“This means that they can keep their body temperature higher than the temperature of the surrounding water.

“If you’re lucky, you might see this magnificent shark jump high out of the water in to the air,” which is just what happened to the lucky sailors from A Bay To Remember.