A SINKHOLE is thought to have emerged on a road in a village that has an extensive cave networks beneath it.

Devauden Road in St Arvans, in Monmouthshire, was closed between Laurel Park and Grange Road yesterday evening due to what police described as a "highways emergency".

Pictures now suggest the reason was a sinkhole - as an otherwise unexplainable hole in the road has appeared.

The National Wales:

Shortly after 6pm, Gwent Police tweeted: "Police are dealing with a highways emergency."

Pictures from the scene show a sinkhole which has opened up in the section of road which had been closed.

The National Wales:

The hole, which looks to be about three or four feet across at the widest point, is in the middle of the roadway and looks to be at least a few feet deep.

The council have said they have not yet discovered the cause of the hole.

There is even speculation from residents that the hole could be related to the extensive cave networks beneath the village - such as Otter Hole. However, this is yet to be confirmed.

The National Wales:

While the AA are reporting that Devauden Road is open, the section of road with the sinkhole is blocked off with traffic cones.


Monmouthshire County Council said repairs to the sinkhole "will be completed today (July 11)".

"We could find no direct cause for the failure, but we will do further checks, for breakages in the coming weeks," they said in a statement.

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