A new wind farm could be going to a small Powys town, as the town council considers a recent proposal to situate wind turbines nearby.

In a meeting held on June 22, Llanfair Caereinion Town Council considered a wind farm proposal at Land at Esgair Cwmowen, near Carno.

The council resolved to support the application, providing that certain conditions are met – including raising concerns about the possibility of the turbines being transported to the site through the town.

The application was submitted by renewable energy company Pennant Walters.

The proposal comprises of 18 wind turbines, as well as an anemometer mast, substation & control building, site entrance, new & improved access tracks and all associated building and engineering operations and landscaping.

The windfarm proposal also includes highway improvements to accommodate transporting the turbines and additional materials.

The council raised concerns over the route for abnormal loads travelling up country lanes from Four Crosses, Llanerfyl to Cefn Coch and the potential routing of construction lorries through Llanfair Caereinion Town Centre.

The council also questioned why the existing route at Cwm Golau for the Tirgwynt wind farm is not re-opened, built to adoptable standard and used as the main route through to the wind farms and quarry, which they say would remove most of the lorry traffic from the town centre.

If such a proposal is rejected by the county council, the town council has stated it would not support the wind farm development proposed.

The council has also stated that it remains opposed to additional pylons through the region.

Addressing the response by the town council, a spokesperson from Pennant Walters said: “The town council’s positive response to the principle of the Esgair Cwmowen wind farm is welcomed and we will take on board the comments raised.

“Consultation on the information submitted to support the application ends soon and we will discuss all comments with the council as part of this process.”