THE WELSH Government has said plans for 30ft-high 'air quality barriers' along the A494 will be paused and reviewed.

In a response to a letter from Alyn and Deeside MP, Mark Tami, the Deputy Minister for Climate Change, Lee Waters, said the Welsh Government could look at alternative measures.

In March, the Welsh Government announced plans for three barriers on the A494 between the Queensferry Interchange Junction and St David’s Park Interchange Junction.

The barriers would be erected along the A494 in Deeside.An example of an air quality barrier.

The barriers are proposed to compliment the already established 50mph speed limit to further reduce people's exposure to air pollution in the area. 

However, the plans have been met with a backlash from local residents - who have described the barriers as a "monstrosity". 

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A public Facebook group named "SAY NO TO THE 9M FENCE" has attracted hundreds of members.

In the letter to Mark Tami MP dated June 23, Lee Waters MS said: "I have asked officials to pause and review the planning process for the environmental barriers whilst further air quality data is collected and analysed over the course of the current calendar year to determine whether barriers would still be required.

"Officials are also reviewing alternative options to explore whether less intrusive barriers could also have the potential to support roadside NO2 concentrations. 

"Although we have committed to develop proposals for the barriers, there is no intention to install them unless evidence shows they would be necessary."

Some people have called for more trees to be planted instead of the erection of the barriers. 

Regarding this, Mr Waters said: "Site constraints prohibit tree planting that could provide any tangible benefits and therefore this option has been discounted."