Several arrests have been made after some people attempted to enter the ceremonial route on The Mall before Trooping the Colour, the Metropolitan Police said.

A group were dragged by police out of the path of a military band as they marched along at around 10.10am.

The Metropolitan Police said the arrests were for obstructing the highway.

Some of the group managed to sit down in the road before being pulled away by officers.

Animal rights group Animal Rebellions, which says it uses non-violent civil disobedience to promote a transition to a plant-based food system, has said it disrupted the ceremonial event.

It shared a photograph of a man holding a banner in front of a marching band and wrote on Twitter: "BREAKING: Animal Rebels disrupt the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations demanding that Royal Land is Reclaimed. This summer, we’re taking bigger action against the Dairy industry than ever before, and we need you! Join our #PlantBasedFuture talk this Friday! Link in our Bio."


The Independent reported crowds had jeered the protesters as police dragged them away.

It said: "Climate and animal-rights campaign group Animal Rebellion said 25 of its supporters were involved in disruption 'due to the Crown’s inaction on the climate emergency and their continued support for meat, fishing, and dairy, a leading contributor to climate breakdown'."

Another person walked ahead of the band holding a small poster above their head.

Despite the disturbance, the band marched on and continued with the parade as police officers detained members of the group to the side.

The force said on Twitter: “A number of arrests have been made of people who attempted to enter the ceremonial route in The Mall at approximately 10.10hrs today.

“The arrests were public order related for highway obstruction.

“Thank you to the crowd who showed their support by clapping our officers who returned to their post after dealing with the incident swiftly.”

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