DISCARDED Christmas trees are being put to use and fed to alpacas.

Nathan Mills, from Hope, Flintshire is taking Christmas tree donations for his seven alpacas.

The 23-year-old, who has seven of the animals that are native to South America, said he read that Christmas trees can be a 'treat'.

After collecting trees from friends and family last year Nathan took to Facebook to see if people in the wider community wanted to donate their trees as the holiday comes to an end.

Nathan said: "I was reading at what treats you can give them and came across Christmas trees.

"So last year I thought I would try it and they loved it receiving over 11 trees from family and friends on the first year I thought I would take to the local community page to ask if anyone was getting rid of their Christmas trees this Christmas as it’s like chocolate to these alpacas."


His post has had more than 250 shares as of Sunday, with people hoping their trees can be made good use of by Nathan's seven alpacas.

He got his first alpacas two years ago, which quickly developed into him owning seven of them, named Pedro, Marco, DJ, Bembo, Hector, Ted and Bill.

Nathan said he and alpacas make full use of the trees: "They use the trees as a scratching post and then eat the needles till they are bare we then use the left over wood as a fence to keep them away from the river so it’s a great way to reuse a tree which is only used for one month of the year.

"It’s also great for people to get up close to the animals I only have the joy of looking after."

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