Stargazers were treated to a stunning skyline this week as the Northern Lights returned across parts of the north coast including Conwy and Llandudno.

Known as the Aurora Borealis, and in Welsh Ffagl yr Arth, the astronomical phenomena was visible to the naked eye after a geometric storm was detected above the earth's atmosphere.

Jonny Williams shared a time-lapse video showing the Aurora across Llandudno during a four-hour period on Wednesday night:

Tanya Maria also captured the scenes from Conwy Morfa beach in the early hours of Thursday morning, November 4.

She said: “While many were sleeping, Mother Nature put on a splendid show of colours in the early hours of this morning, even visible with the naked eye - the Aurora from Conwy Morfa, dancing over the Great Orme (in the) early hours this morning.

“To be able to see it with the naked eye was wonderful.”

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The Northern Lights are caused when atoms in the Earth's upper atmosphere combine with charged particles from the sun, creating the vibrant display.

They are more frequently seen at higher latitudes and places like Alaska, Canada, and Antarctica, which are closer to the Earth’s poles.

The Met Office issues the following tips to help you see the Northern Lights:

• You need a clear night with no cloud cover.

• Find a dark location with no light pollution.

• Look towards the northern horizon.

• Beware that geomagnetic activity can cause disturbances to satellite navigation.

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