A DATE has been set for the re-opening of a road through the centre of Cardiff to all traffic.

Castle Street, which runs past the city's famous attraction and is a major route through the city centre, was closed in summer last year, before reopening to just buses and taxis in autumn 2020.

But the city council has confirmed it will reopen to private traffic on Sunday, October 31, about a year and a half after it was closed.

Cardiff council announced plans to reopen the road to all traffic this June, after concerns were raised about its closure diverting traffic through residential areas causing pollution.

The road was originally closed in summer 2020 as the council said it wanted to create additional space for outdoor dinning as the hospitality sector gradually emerged from the first Covid lockdown.

Street furniture was placed on the once busy thoroughfare and the roads were decorated.


The traffic free street was praised by some who welcomed the provision of new cycling routes and the council's efforts to address air quality with Castle Street having previously topped the table for the worst air quality in the city.

But the closure had also led to complaints from drivers and concerns that pollution causing vehicle emission would be dispersed from the non-residential street to inner city residential areas.

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Reopening Castle Street will coincide with the nearby Westgate Street being closed to through traffic, as a new bus gate will be installed.

The new bus gate will mean Westgate Street can only be used as a through route for buses, taxis, cyclists and pedestrians. Residents living on the street will be able to drive to their homes from the north. All access to off-street car parks will also be from the north.

The National Wales: Westgate Street Bus Gate
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Roadworks on Castle Street began at the start of last month to prepare for the road to reopen. The pavement on the southern side of the road was narrowed to allow for a new lane to be put in. The road will still be narrower, however, than before the pandemic.

The controversial decision to reopen the road split public opinion, with many drivers complaining of increased congestion on nearby streets like Cathedral Road, while environmental campaigners called for more space to be given to pedestrians and cyclists.

The bus gate, at the southern end of Westgate Street, will mean anybody driving through in a private vehicle could be fined £75.

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