SO the royals are irritated by the inaction of politicians on climate change, are they? Hey presto, we have a green queen!

Meanwhile, William is busy saving the planet with the Earthshot project and good old Charles is doing his bit by running his vintage sports car on wine and cheese.

Well, I’m irritated by the way these hypocrites are hijacking this serious issue and turning it into a PR stunt. And it seems to be working.

The royal family are part of the climate problem, no matter how much greenwash they throw about.

Consider their total carbon footprint in 2018-19 of 6,238 tonnes of CO2 and compare that to the UK average of 10 tonnes per person.

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The royals aren’t doing anything to reduce their emissions either. In fact, they grew by three per cent over the year, with a doubling of emissions from trips abroad.

Conclusion? They are adding disproportionately and unfairly to the damage done by global warming. And we are allowing them to get away with it.

The institution of monarchy is an anachronism.

Most people around the world have already realised it, although I would be the first to admit there are very few reputable models of republicanism at the moment.

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Those who resolutely defend the institution claim it brings stability. And it clearly does for the rich and powerful at the top of the tree.

For people on zero hour contracts, however, for those facing benefit cuts, the homeless and starving on our streets, life has no stability.

How can we allow a single family to live in absolute luxury while so many others barely survive?

Why do we allow this family to occupy vast tracts of our land and turn them into playgrounds for themselves and their friends when land was, and still should be, for the benefit of all?

And why do we allow this family to take a quarter of the annual proceeds earned from leasing out our coastal seabed, among other Crown Estate earners, which amounted to £82m at the last count?

And why are we expected to bow, curtsy and scrape before them, to lower ourselves to emphasise their ‘highness’?

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Because we’re told they are worth it; worth the privilege without responsibility and worth the millions of pounds we give them each year.

Because they are the model family, leading us, their subjects, by example.

Indeed the royals epitomise public service. So that makes them servants. In which case does that make us the rulers? And if so, why are the servants getting everything and the rulers nothing?

Anachronistic and illogical? English republican Thomas Paine thought so over 200 years ago and he’s right.

We can only change the status quo when we achieve independence. In the meantime the process of building national self-confidence goes on, challenging and ultimately removing barriers to the just society so many of us want to see.

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