First Minister Mark Drakeford breezed has promised to take a 'powerful message from Wales' to next month's COP26 climate change summit with world leaders.

Mr Drakeford visited the Centre for Alternative Technology,  in Machynlleth, ahead of the Welsh Government's launch of its Net Zero plan, which will set out how Wales will become carbon neutral by 2050.

And he said it was the aggregation of small changes which would "collectively add up to a real difference".

"It's been great to have been at the Centre for Alternative Technology here in Machynlleth, and to hear of all the work that they do to help us all to prepare for a more sustainable future," he said.


"Next week the Welsh Government will publish our Net Zero plan, showing how Wales can be carbon neutral by 2050.

"One of the really important lessons of climate change is that we only make the difference if we, each of us, do those small things in our own lives that collectively add up to a real difference.

"And it's through doing those small things, each one of us, the way we live at home, the way we live at work, the way we travel around, those things make a difference when we add them all up.

"That would be a really powerful message from Wales in Glasgow next week."

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Earlier this year, Welsh Government set out its legal commitment to achieve net zero emissions by 2050, but says it will be pushing to “get there sooner” ahead of the 26th United Nations’ Climate Change Conference set to be held in Glasgow next month.

Rural affairs minister Lesley Griffiths said the government's 'long-held ambition' of a Net Zero Wales is set to become a reality.

"As with Covid, climate change will impact us all, but the stark reality remains our most vulnerable communities will be hit the hardest," she said.

"The transition towards a Net Zero Wales must be fair and just, a green and clean future which means good quality jobs and leaves no communities behind.

"Recent flooding events have painfully reminded us the havoc our changing weather is already wreaking. The science is telling us events such as these will continue to increase and intensify as our world gets warmer."

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