Cold-water swimmers in Pembrokeshire recently had a seal-y good experience when a young visitor came to check them out.

The North Pembrokeshire Bluetits regularly meet on the slip at Goodwick Harbour near Fishguard for a quick dip.

All videos courtesy of Nye Martin

However, last week they were joined by an unexpected new member, one of the two young seals currently spending time at Fishguard Harbour.

Members of the public have been advised to steer clear of the young seals, but this curious youngster certainly wasn’t steering clear of the swimmers, coming right into the shallows to check them out.

Sea Trust director, Cliff Benson, said the pair of seals, who have been spotted around the Parrog and Lowertown, are past the weaning stage and are no longer reliant on their mother’s milk.

“At this time, they are learning how to be independent seals, this includes feeding for themselves and finding suitable places to rest,” he said.

“They are still too young to know the difference between public and private beaches, and therefore you may see them hauled out on what may seem an unsuitable place.

“It is important that you are aware of this as you visit the area, please keep your distance from the seals and please keep dogs on leads until you are sure the entire beach is clear. Your dog may find the seal before you do.”

Sea Trust has been monitoring the seals and is keeping Welsh Marine Life Rescue informed of any changes.

“Many thanks to those who already take these precautions and have shown concerns for the pups,” said Cliff.

For more advice and information on seal pups, see Sea Trust’s website