Images shot by a drone above Lake Vyrynwy have revealed features of a village that was flooded in the 1800s.

The old village of Llanwddyn was submerged under what is now Lake Vyrnwy in order to create a reservoir for the expanding city of Liverpool.

The old village was demolished, the valley flooded, and the water reached the lip of the dam on 22 November 1889.

Records show that in 1850 the former village of Llanwddyn consisted of 37 houses, a church and two chapels, three pubs and several shops.

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A new village was constructed below the site of the dam, also known today as Llanwddyn.

With water levels in the reservoir 60 per cent lower than normal, some features of the old village have begun to emerge from the depths.

Photographer Andrew des'Ascoyne used a drone to show images of an old wall on the outskirts of the former village, which is normally submerged under deep water.

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Current statistics show the levels of the reservoir at around 62 per cent, over 20 per cent below the normal average, with reservoir stocks around the UK showing similar levels of depletion.

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