A Conservative Senedd Member has slammed the Welsh Government for not responding to a letter three months after he had sent it. 

In a tweet, North Wales MS Darren Millar, the Senedd’s Red Squirrel Species Champion, said he had written to the Welsh Government in June calling for “ministers to intervene to prevent the needless destruction of critically important red squirrel habitat at Pentraeth Forest in Anglesey. I’m still waiting for a reply”. 


Mr Millar, in his letter, had requested a government intervention to prevent the felling of 17 acres of Pentraeth Forest on Ynys Môn, arguing that it would “set back red squirrel conservation in north Wales by decades”.

Speaking to The National, Mr Millar said, “The lack of response from the Welsh Government to an urgent piece of correspondence from a Member of the Senedd is disrespectful and inexcusable.

“It has taken decades to grow the population of red squirrels on Anglesey to current levels and we cannot afford to set that work back by 20 years by allowing a habitat which is a major stronghold on the island to be chopped down and disturbed.

"Ministers must urgently intervene to prevent the felling and protect this iconic species.

“Wales is in the midst of a wildlife emergency that Ministers and Natural Resources Wales must wake up to.

"They must now engage meaningfully with all stakeholders and develop a clear and well funded plan of action for nature in Wales.”

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The National approached the Welsh Government for a comment and a spokesperson said: “We’re committed to sustainable forestry management and to supporting the important conservation work of this iconic species.   

“The Forest Design Plan (FDP) for Pentraeth Forest recognises the need to maintain a corridor for Red Squirrel movement, within the plan for felling.

“We are confident that harvesting will be carried out in a way that protects breeding red squirrels.”

The fate of the red squirrel population of Ynys Môn is expected to be debated at the Senedd following a petition which has so far gathered more than 10,500 signatures. 

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