A HIGH street closed to traffic during the pandemic is to reopen after two years.

Monmouthshire County Council approved an end to the closure of Chepstow High Street, which has been in place since June 2020, during a meeting of full council this week.

The road will reopen to vehicles as of Monday, August 8.

In June 2020, the council deemed it's closure necessary to enable social distancing and support outdoor trading during the Covid-19 pandemic.

But it asked the people of Chepstow in spring this year whether the road should be re-opened to traffic - and a clear majority expressed their preference for the high street to be re-opened to vehicles - some even claiming that the continued closure was "killing the town".

The results of the consultation have been considered by all of Chepstow’s county councillors and by town and they all agreed that the majority view of residents should be respected.

News of a potential reopening received a mixed response earlier this week.

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Ken Jackson said: "I think that this is a mistake. Covid had not been the cause of the decline of trade in Chepstow.

"Trade had been in decline ever since Tesco arrived. This is true in many of our provincial towns."

However, Lee Lee said: "Brilliant news we all voted for it to be reopened glad to see the consultation being listened to."

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