BUSINESSES are leaving a Flintshire town marred by ongoing anti-social behaviour issues involving groups of youths.

Earlier this week, our sister title, The Leader, reported that a Thai takeaway set to open next month, and a Nightingale House Charity shop, suffered significant damage after vandals targeted their premises. 

After smashing a window, they managed to turn on a tap which caused flooding in the takeaway and the charity shop in the unit below it - with the Nightingale's roof partially collapsing as a result. 

The National Wales:  And one business has said one of the main reasons it recently left the town was due to the anti-social behaviour issues.

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Elite Modern Male Image Studio has relocated to Blacon after shutting the doors to its Buckley town centre premises earlier this month.

Leah Hall, whose brother owns the business, said: "We had clients who were stopping coming because of the issues.

"Kids were vandalising windows, stealing things from out of our kitchen when we would leave the back door open and smoking drugs at the back of the shop. There are elderly abuse getting abuse - I had one old lady that came into the barbers asking me to phone the police.

"Honestly this town is getting worse and worse and it got to the point where it was best for us to move location."

The National Wales: The old Elite Modern Male Image StudioThe old Elite Modern Male Image Studio

The owner of the upcoming Thaidee restaurant which was targeted the other night said the future of it is on a "knife's edge" due to the financial burden of a combination of the vandalism incidents and the current cost-of-living crisis.

Sergeant Emma Prevete, of North Wales Police, claims the anti-social behaviour issues have reduced.

She said: "We are aware of recent reports of incidents involving youths involved in anti-social behaviour in the Buckley area.

“These reports have involved youths targeting local businesses, and individuals attempting to access unoccupied premises. Where reports have been made, our inquiries to identify those involved remain ongoing and, as with all ASB offences, we will deal with perpetrators robustly.

“In Buckley we have worked closely with the Youth Offending Team to ensure that those involved in this type of behaviour have curfews and other restrictions imposed. Through active patrols in targeted areas, and the support of Flintshire Integrated Youth Services, we have also seen ASB demand reduced in Buckley and local officers will continue to deal with any such incidents as a priority."

She added: "I would urge anyone who witnesses ASB or criminal activity to report it online, or via 101. Alternatively, they can contact their local PCSO to make the report.”