A WELSH fish and chip shop has turned fish and chip red and blue to mark the Queen's platinum jubilee.

While customers usually prefer little yellow chips and a cod in a golden, evenly coloured crisp batter Crisp and Fry in Amanford has turned that idea on its head, producing red chips that already look as if they've been drowned in ketchup and a bizarre blue portion of fish.

Chippy boss Jason Thomas  even admits the tradtional meal in unussual colours doesn't look very appetising - but says those customers willing to try it have been surprised.

"Normally, if you walk into a chippy and see red and blue fish and chips on the counter you’d walk straight back out," acknowledged Jason.

“The people who came in during our test cooking session and had a sneak taste absolutely loved them,” said Jason.

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Crisp & Fry decided to create the red and blue jubilee delicacy to bring a smile to customers' faces.

“These last few years have been a tough time for all of us so we just thought it might be a bit of fun."

Crisp and Fry has now gone viral after racking up nearly half a million views on TikTok.

And TikTok customers are now asking Crisp & Fry to create a Ukrainian dish as well as an Irish option.

“But this might be a bit difficult with all the stripes,” continued Jason.

“Someone’s even suggested that we do a Welsh dragon. Now I may be creative, but I’m not sure if I could go that far.”

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Jason went on to say that the blue and red fish and chips taste just as good as their naked counterparts as the hues are achieved simply by adding food colouring.

But anyone keen to try the dish will have to wait until jubilee week for the first official serving.


“We’ve been building a chain of fish and chip shops in west Wales during Covid, Brexit and a war in the Ukraine which has certainly been a challenge.

"So this TikTok thing is just a way of having a bit of fun and enjoying the platinum jubilee during these unprecedented times.”

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