A Deeside firm which is part of the UK's largest logistics business has announced its expansion with the creation of over 250 new jobs.

Great Bear, which is based on Deeside Industrial Park, said the jobs have come on the back of the company's 'spectacular' success story, with the business seeing rapid growth and continued investment in infrastructure from parent company, the Culina Group.

Culina Group recently bought the legendary Eddie Stobart haulage business, positioning it as the UK's biggest logistics firm, which is good news for job hunters around Deeside.

The company said that with the rise of online shopping, logistics was a great industry to get into and was one that could only grow in the future.

A range of permanent and temporary positions are now available at Great Bear.

The group's turnover is said to be more than £2.2 billion, with a combined workforce of more than 22,000 employees, over 20 million square feet of warehousing and a joint fleet of over 5,500 vehicles.

A company spokesperson described the jobs boost as "extremely positive news" for job seekers in Deeside.

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The spokesperson added: "In today’s world it’s not common to find an employer who could be your 'job for life' but at Great Bear Deeside this really could be the case with various permanent positions available on our website.

"There are also many temporary roles available now in a broad range of positions.

"These temporary roles are provided by Culina Group’s internal resourcing provider Unity Resourcing Solutions, a business that is dedicated to helping you find your next job opportunity and currently offering the best rates of pay in the Deeside area.

"Unity excels in flexible employment opportunities within the logistics and warehousing industry and prides themselves on being able to offer fantastic roles within great businesses.

"The success of the Culina Group business feeds through to all of the companies that make up the Group, including Great Bear. Great Bear, located on Deeside Industrial Park, a strategically positioned site ideally situated for national warehousing and distribution solutions, is already a significant local employer.

"The business has announced that an additional 250 jobs will be created in the local area as it will be significantly changing the current site whilst also adding new facilities for employees including modern welfare areas and upgraded secure parking.

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"This newly upgraded facility, which will be equipped with the latest technology, will deliver a broad range of goods including consumer aerosol products for a large online retailer.

"The Great Bear success story has been spectacular, particularly recently with the business seeing rapid growth and continued investment in infrastructure from Culina Group.

"On the company’s journey to its current heights, a major focus has been on supporting its people. Building a genuine family feel within its business that engenders a sense of belonging and purpose for all colleagues right across the UK has been integral to its success.

"With the spectacular growth trajectory of Great Bear and the ever-expanding logistics requirement in an increasingly “online” focused society the demand for employment will only grow over the coming years.

"Certainly logistics is now the sector to enter for a steady career with great prospects and undoubtedly there is no better place to work in the logistics industry than Great Bear, and ultimately Culina Group."

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