The Smallest House in Great Britain has received a mini makeover and its first sofa in 400 years.

Standing at 122” tall, and just 72” wide, the house, nestled amongst a terrace of houses on Conwy’s quayside, is recognised by the Guinness Book of World Records as Britain’s smallest.

With just 1.5m squared of usable floor space, the diminutive, red-fronted house has never had a sofa in it - or much else for that matter.

Snug, the sofa-in-a-box company, arranged for delivery of the new sofa - the Small Biggie - as part of the mini makeover which included a new rug, flower, picture frames and cushions.

After negotiating the miniature front door frame, the sofa was built piece-by-piece.

The installation provided some hairy moments for the two-man team who had the unenviable task of fitting it in the downstairs room, which also doubles up as the lounge, kitchen, bathroom - and even has a fireplace.

The sofa squeezed into the house by less than half an inch.

The National Wales:

Jan Tyley, the current owner, said: “The house is over four-centuries old, and I told Snug multiple times there’s no chance a sofa will get in there. I even measured-up and drafted a floor plan for them, but their representative was adamant they’d pull it off and I have to say, I’m amazed.

"We have people from all over the world coming to visit, and I’m delighted we can add another chapter to the house’s story - the year the house got its first ever sofa.”

The Chandegra Family, who were on a holiday in Wales and visiting Conwy when the sofa was delivered, said: “It’s been quite tense seeing if they could fit the sofa in. We’d just been inside the house, and it’s so tiny.

"Now the sofa is in, we’re really excited to be the first people in the UK to sit on it and it looks right at home in the building.”

Rob Bridgman, CEO and Co-Founder of Snug, said: “Snug has been built around fixing the problems that the traditional sofa market couldn’t, including making sofas that arrive in a box, that can navigate awkward door frames and stairways, and fit into small spaces.

"The Small Biggie is our latest creation that epitomises that vision, and where better to put it to the test than in The Smallest House in Great Britain.

“It’s one of the most challenging deliveries we’ve ever made, but to fit the sofa into such an awkward space and be a small part of the house’s incredible history is something we are really proud of.

"We now want the rest of the nation to send us their awkward spaces, and we’ll see if we can pull off another miracle, or three.”

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