Starting a new venture particularly a business can be daunting at the best of times but imagine taking the leap only for a global disaster to strike.

For Bethan and Jones getting their own brewery, Bragdy Cybi, was a dream come through, but just weeks after they got started the Covid-19 pandemic almost spelled disaster for the Holyhead couple.

But as the world shut down the biggest problem they found was they didn’t have enough beer to go around.

Bethan said: “Ironically, our biggest challenge was brewing enough beer! "We realised quickly that the four fermenters were not enough to keep up with demand and soon had to invest in a further two fermenters.

"Due to planning restrictions though, we were only allowed to brew once a week and at that capacity, we were constantly running out of beer. Local shops were keen to stock us but we had to say no due to stock levels.”

The couple decided to take the leap into brewing when Daniel lost his job at the end of 2019 at a plastics factory on Anglesey.


Initially they planned to sell their beers at food fairs and artisan markets during their to raise the business’ profile.

However with the pandemic closing that route to market down they opened a shop at their brewery, selling to local people.

“By May 2020 we had fermenters full of beer but all the markets and fairs were cancelled due to the pandemic. We were however, able to open the doors to our small brewery and establish a small shop onsite.  We were selling straight to customer and taking full advantage of people's interest in shopping local due to lockdown. It wasn't the grand opening we were hoping for but we made the best of a bad situation,” said Bethan.

She added: “Local lockdown also meant less footfall on the high street which made us invest in a van. We were then able to offer local deliveries.

“Another challenge during the pandemic has been delays in getting equipment and stock such as cardboard boxes. Our customers though are very patient and understand that things are difficult for everyone.  

“As this is a new venture for us, we don't know a time without Covid restrictions. It's definitely made us confident that if we can survive this period, we can survive anything! Hopefully in the very near future, Holyhead will see the return of cruise ships and visiting steam trains along with the usual holiday maker, which will be a boost to local shops.”

The end of the summer will see more progress for the Holyhead enterprise with a tap room opening in mid-August.

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