Dr Gerry Hassan is a writer, commentator and academic on Scottish and UK politics and society.

He has written and edited over two dozen books on Scotland, the UK, and the future of society, politics and ideas including Scotland the Brave? Twenty Years of Change and the Future of the Nation (Luath Press), The Story of the Scottish Parliament: The First Two Decades Explained (Edinburgh University Press), The Strange Death of Labour Scotland (Edinburgh University Press) and Caledonian Dreaming: The Quest for a Different Scotland (Luath Press).

His writing and research can be found at: www.gerryhassan.com

Latest articles from Gerry Hassan

COMMENT Toxic Tory groupthink has to be driven out if we are to change the UK

THE ongoing unprecedented debacle engulfing the Tory government has been long in creation. Liz Truss is a blinkered and inflexible ideologue, but the present state of politics, government and economics is about more than the 10 days between the mini-Budget and 45p tax cut U-turn, more than the past 12 years of successive Tory governments and more than the past 43 years that have seen 30 years of Tory governments, none of which Scotland voted for.

comment We can’t just try to browbeat No voters into supporting Yes

THE independence debate post-2014 has never stopped. Independence has retained the gains it made during the 2014 campaign, added new converts and continued to enjoy record-historic support, but it has lacked the strategic breakthrough that would put it into a convincing winning position.