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Prince William, along with the English national anthem, were booed at Wembley

comment It’ll take more than book of pro-UK propaganda to erase ills of the past

FRANKLY, I’m gutted I missed the chance to boo at Prince William at the FA Cup Final on Saturday, mostly on account of being nowhere near London during the match. Still, it’s nice to see the royal family getting a sharp reminder that the iron gates and privileges of Buckingham Palace are perhaps not as unassailable as they would like.

The Langside ward overwhelmingly backed Holly Bruce (left)

comment The trajectory of the Greens may mimic the SNP’s historic rise

AT first, the early sample data from the Glasgow local election count didn’t seem entirely right. Hunched around a single laptop in the Emirates Arena as Green activists strode back and forth with hastily penned tally marks of information, the small team entering the sampled ballot boxes was sceptical.

Elon Musk says he wants to shake things up at Twitter

COMMENT Stephen Paton: ‘Disrupting’ often a red flag for ideas which erode worker’s rights

WHEN people think of Silicon Valley and the tech giants that have turned San Francisco into their personal playground, I imagine many picture the golden sunshine and sprawling, trendy campuses of Google, Apple and Facebook; images of sleek robots rolling from administrative building to creative hub; coffee shops where world-changing conversations take place as the general public side-eye hip execs in the hope they might catch the next piece of tech in their pocket or on their face.

The Metropolitan Police have issued 20 fines in the wake of the partygate scandal

COMMENT Stephen Paton: £50 is offensively small price to pay for disregard PM showed to the public

WHAT is a crime that results in a fine but a crime that is legal for those with the money to pay for it? While people across Scotland and the rest of the UK struggled through the various lockdowns and restrictions of the Covid-19 pandemic for the sake of our friends and neighbours, our Westminster leaders seemingly partied through the worst of it – and the Met police have deemed that to be worthy of a fine that likely comes to less than the cost of Boris Johnson’s breakfast this morning.