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Kevin McKenna If the SNP don’t care about independence, why should we?

Whenever there is talk of austerity the Tories reference low-income families as though they are stray dogs that must be fed scraps. They produce a spectrum of poor relief that ranges from “enough for them to live on” to “keeping a roof over their heads”. The concept of disadvantaged people having anything beyond the basics is an alien one.

PREMIUM Tom Devine: Polls show 50% support for independence and rising. That is why Tories will not grant a referendum

PROFESSOR Sir Tom Devine seems to have taken his lectern out of the lecture theatre and set it up in front of the Scottish nation. At the age of 77, and several years retired from teaching at Edinburgh University, Scotland’s foremost public intellectual has never been more vocal about the political and social tumults shaping Scotland’s destiny. “I never approach the media; they always approach me,” he says.

PREMIUM Kevin McKenna: Will there be no end to the Tories’ war on the poor?

NEW Tory leaders like to cite two previous iconic occupants of No.10 as their political heroes. In recent times they’ve tended to channel their inner Margaret Thatchers and Winston Churchills. How refreshing then to see our new Prime Minister Liz Truss seeking to impose her own unique brand on the office. Ms Truss appears to have reached back to the wonderful English sitcom, The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin as her spiritual guide.