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The award-winning Neil Mackay has been a journalist, author and filmmaker since he moved to Scotland from Northern Ireland in 1996 to work on The Big Issue. From there, he became an essential part of the Sunday Herald team, eventually becoming editor until its closure. He has written several books and produced various documentaries. Mr. Mackay’s journalism honours include the 2019 Columnist of the Year award at the Scottish Press Awards and runner-up Columnist of the Year at the 2020 Regional Press Awards. He is currently writer at large, contributing opinion to Herald Voices and writing features for Herald Magazine.

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Neil Mackay What's the point of the moral vacuum that is Douglas Ross?

IT’S just too easy to laugh at Douglas Ross. Not that laughing at him is in any way unfair. He deserves Edinburgh’s Royal Mile to be lined with folk, six deep, pointing and laughing at him every day he wends his sorry way to Holyrood where he ostensibly "leads" the Scottish Conservative Party.

Neil Mackay Scotland needs to stop navel-gazing and face the world square on

OLD Dante would feel right at home in 2022. There’s a sense that we’re walking in the poet’s footsteps. In The Divine Comedy, Dante passes into hell through gates bearing the legend "Abandon hope all ye who enter here’. At its heart, Dante’s epic satirises the corruption and cruelty of medieval society. The satire stands the test of time. It could be dusted off to illustrate the fearful state of life today. Terror, extremism, lies, violence, threat and ruin are everywhere, just as they