Iain Macwhirter is the political commentator of the The Herald and the Sunday Herald, an author and documentary film and radio presenter and a former Rector of Edinburgh University. He has worked at both the UK Parliament and Scottish Parliament, presenting the BBC2 programmes Westminster Live, Scrutiny and, from 1999, the BBC TV Holyrood Live programme from the Scottish Parliament.

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PREMIUM Iain Macwhirter: The train for working-class heroes has left the station

NICOLA Sturgeon says she’s a lot calmer now thanks to HRT, which is welcome news. But she must be pure ragin’ over the RMT. After throwing money at Scottish train drivers to save newly-nationalised ScotRail from a summer of strikes, now she gets the biggest rail strike in 30 years, courtesy of their brothers in arms. Network Rail is sabotaging Natrail.