Astronomy And Space Correspondent

Jonathan has been involved in astronomy and space for more than 40 years. Specializing in meteors and the moon, Jonathan has written three books on astronomy and is a contributor to the BBC's Sky at Night magazine.

Latest articles from Jonathan Powell

How to watch tonight's Sturgeon moon – the last supermoon of the year

August's full Moon has been dominating the evening sky for several evenings over the past few nights making for a stunning spectacle across Wales. This is the fourth and final ‘Supermoon’ of 2022 with July's full Moon providing the closest encounter of the quartet at a distance from Earth of 222,089 miles. 

Earth 'wobbles' to record breaking shortest day

The Earth has set itself a new benchmark in timekeeping by recording the shortest day ever since the passage of seconds, minutes, and hours started to be monitored by highly accurate atomic clocks in the 1960's. 

Russia WILL Leave the International Space Station

Following months of speculation as to whether or not cooperation could continue on the International Space Station (ISS), following the straining of relations since the invasion of Ukraine, Russia has decided to withdraw from operations onboard the ISS in 2024. 

Minister set to visit key space sector sites in Wales

As Spaceport Cornwall edges toward the first UK launch from British soil this summer, Vaughan Gething, Wales' economy minister, will be making a tour of sites in Wales following the government's Space Strategy launch earlier this year.