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Former First Minister of Wales. Musings on politics and beyond. Obsessive reader and sports fan.

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Since the beginning of 2019, more than 40 people have died or gone missing while trying to cross the English Channel in small boats. Photo: PA
The Welsh Memorial at Mametz Wood
Westminster is yet again "enmeshed in another sleaze scandal". Photo: PA
"You will never attract people in sufficient numbers out of their cars on longer journeys unless you modernise the system and that hasn’t been done properly". Photo: Huw Evans Picture Agency
Wales can lead the way on electoral reform. Photo: Huw Evans Picture Agency
Wales and England, as well as Scotland and Northern Ireland need to work out how to stand together, says Carwyn Jones Picture: Huw Evans Agency
"Westminster is in effect a free-for-all". Photo: PA
Pressure is being piled on governments in the lead up to COP26.
The Senedd is no stranger to coalition building. Source: PA
Substantial hikes in energy prices are due